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Leon-027: Damn forget to logging in xD
LoRdNiTi: «link»
Guest_2273: What it do everybody? 8)
Johnpro: I dont have enough time in a day... :(
pinchimono: HOLA PUTOS :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Guest_8470: Hola Puta
Vanoss: Hello
Guest_5258: So friendly. :|
Guest_5275: hello
Guest_4089: Alat pengusir tikus «link»
Guest_4089: Madu untuk kesuburan «link»
Guest_4089: Madu hutan Asli «link»
Guest_7815: me dan el link del mod de armaduras por favor
Guest_7815: give me the link of the armor mod please
T1g3rs65: Hey LoRdNiTi I don't know if u remember me but I was wondering if u or anyone else on the team ever had any luck with the cop cars from halo 3 ODST
Pinchimono: los dueños de la pagina al parecer no quieren compartir su mods, solo abrieron la pagina y ya, ni suben los mods que avian hecho antes, como lordniti tiene varios mods y no los comparte nisiquiera uno.
porque? no sean asi. :|
Pinchimono: page owners apparently did not want to share their mods, just opened the page and you or the mods up avian done before, as lordniti has several mods and not even one does not share.
why? are not. :|
Axenz: «link»
Axenz: Battle Rifle «link»
create by MrHunterzer0
Guest_6245: Can the purchasable armor be re-uploaded (mediafire or something)? I can't get it from fileserve or megaupload.
Guest_7899: Alat Pengusir Tikus Elektronik «link»
Guest_7899: Jual Alat Pengusir Tikus «link»
Guest_7899: alat pengusir tikus elektrik «link»
Guest_7899: Cara membuat alat pengusir tikus «link»
Guest_7899: Alat pengusir tikus ultrasonic «link»
Guest_7899: alat pengusir tikus kaskus «link»
Guest_7899: Alat pengusir tikus ampuh «link»
Guest_7899: alat pengusir tikus pestronic «link»
Guest_7899: Alat Pengusir Tikus Murah «link»
Guest_7899: alat pengusir tikus rumah «link»
Guest_7899: alat pengusir tikus ultrasonik «link»
Guest_7719: why a bunch of links to rat repellent devices? Links to JohnPro's Spartan armor is what was asked for
Guest_3570: holaaaa
MaterChief: Hi guys?
Guest_2008: helo
REFINDO_ODST: hola amigo


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

Grand Theft Auto Halo- A total conversion modification for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The mod will feature vehicles, maps, bipeds and weapons found in the Halo Series.

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UNSC Cargo Truck Version:Final Filesize 729.98 KB Download 421
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GTA SA Vehicle Special Abilities Mod Version:1.1 Filesize 91.99 KB Download 484
Date 2013-10-12

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Date 2012-10-05

Grand Theft Auto Halo (GTA Halo)

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