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Guest_2008: helo
REFINDO_ODST: hola amigo
Guest_1897: NICE news halo 6 are coming its free for all!!!!!
Where I get halo hud in gta san andreas
can you teach me to create a new hud ?
Guest_6380: encerio no hay alguna pagina de mods de halo u.u
Guest_6380: john por favor sube mods de halo para el gta obviamente
Guest_7034: God... I remember being still a kid when I first head of this mod.
Guest_7529: LOL
Guest_3079: gta Halo Reach UH-144 Falcon
Johnpro: wow this mod stole most of my teenage life. I wish it could be finished but who knows :(
Corporal™^: can any 1 help me to get good mod for gta san (?)
Johnpro: Annoying ADS during download have been removed! Enjoy AD free downloading.
Guest_1733: hello
Guest_1733: anybody here ?
Guest_4511: hello
Funny Mouth: 0)_(0
Johnpro: Hello whats up?
LoRdNiTi: whats up t oo you ? :P
Johnpro: Going to release armour lock script
Johnpro: Armour Lock script released!
black_hunter: Hi guys, I've got exciting new models such as a halo elite with armor parts spec ops some vehicles and I want to start with longsword for good when my PC :)
Johnpro: cool, sounds good.
Guest_9168: tank you
MrHunterzer0: ODST skin converted for mi
MrHunterzer0: «link»
MrHunterzer0: halo reach warthogs: «link»
Guest_2105: sef
Guest_2105: no modern warfaren?
Yuki_[C.D.C]: Long Sword Bombardier? Q.Q 8)
Guest_1892: trolaso
Guest_1892pu: :_(
Guest_1892pu: hola
Guest_4561: www.gta-halo-mods.blogspot.com
Guest_4561: gta halo mods en «link»


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)
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Grand Theft Auto Halo- A total conversion modification for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The mod will feature vehicles, maps, bipeds and weapons found in the Halo Series.

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Halo Reach Armour Lock Version:BETA Filesize 356.7 KB Download 45
Date 2014-08-15

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Date 2014-08-11

Halo Reach UH-144 Falcon Version:final Filesize 1.05 MB Download 696
Date 2014-02-09

Halo Reach Phantom Version:v2 Filesize 1.31 MB Download 531
Date 2014-02-06

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Date 2013-11-10

Grand Theft Auto Halo (GTA Halo)

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