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Guest_6526: como puedo bajar mods
MrHunterzer0: My conversion Warthog Halo 4: «link»
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MrMarock03: Shut up guys, MrHunterzer0 is best nthan Lordniti and Johnpro
Kinnet: mmm, hi ?
Guest_8205: hola
Jefe maestro: owo
Jefe maestro: O.O
Kinnet: This page is dead ?
Guest_4387: kjhg
Guest_5525: kecske
Guest_5525: Szőkecigány áóóóóááá
Guest_3672: Hay skins de ODST?
piece_of_shit: LoL im piece of your shit guys! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D (!)
Guest_3965: for years i have followed your mod, and now this is definitely dead. pity, for it would be great if someone had it done to the end...
MasterChief: Ay
GDan: Hi all:D
LoRdNiTi: HI GDan :)
Avenger_MK: Hi :3
Guest_9271: hey :)
MrMarock03: This page is dead right?? Ok, so MrHunterzer0, Avenger MK and I continue with the mods from Halo :3
Johnpro: I didn't want this mod to be dead but nobody to take over
Guest_1105: SA Vehicle Special Abilities Editor <3
Leon-027: Hi guys :3
Guest_7570: «link»
Guest_7570: «link»
Guest_7570: «link»
Guest_7570: Souvenir «link» Pernikahan Baju Batik «link» Murah
«link» | «link»
Guest_6533: this mod is dead or something?
Guest_6568: Mod is not dead -_-
Guest_5336: interview full movies «link»
Guest_4594: hey! someone hve the UNSC marines for this game?


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)
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Grand Theft Auto Halo- A total conversion modification for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The mod will feature vehicles, maps, bipeds and weapons found in the Halo Series.

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Halo Reach Armour Lock Version:BETA Filesize 356.7 KB Download 166
Date 2014-08-15

Halo Reach Civilian Car Version:Final Filesize 548.31 KB Download 307
Date 2014-08-11

Halo Reach UH-144 Falcon Version:final Filesize 1.05 MB Download 912
Date 2014-02-09

Halo Reach Phantom Version:v2 Filesize 1.31 MB Download 687
Date 2014-02-06

UNSC Cargo Truck Version:Final Filesize 729.98 KB Download 669
Date 2013-11-10

Grand Theft Auto Halo (GTA Halo)

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