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Guest_1055: xD
Guest_6270: where can i get a long sword for gta sa ? :)
Johnpro: You have to wait for my lazy ass to release the longsword :(
Johnpro: not lazy,,,, BUSY ass....
Guest_4950: Serbia nije nista samo jedno veliki govno koja se oradi kosova
Guest_9718: good
LoRdNiTi: wtf ?! and i thought im the only one thinking that xD
black_hunter: my next Project all warthogs for halo reach!! :D
black_hunter: sorry "my next Project all warthogs of the halo reach for gta sa"
Guest_5241: hey guys is there anyone have some halo reach skins?
black_hunter: Friend got a couple of skins there as an EVA spartan Noble six to repaint as émile
Guest_5241: men can you give me some...please.........
Guest_6345: tempat belanja yang komplit «link»
Guest_5808: Jaket Anime yuk «link»
Guest_5809: Pusat Baju Batik Yuk «link» «link» «link»
Guest_5809: Jual Batik Yuk «link» «link» «link»
Guest_5811: Jaket Distro «link» «link» «link»
LoRdNiTi: enough of that fucking online shop websites :@
who ever wanna post something should post just normal gta or halo stuff...pfft
Guest_9542: Hello :P
xmen: Hey both noobs, hows everything ? Miss you guys, I hope you all are good and having fun. And If any of you sent me message on WhatsApp or any other shitty chat thingy and I didn't reply. Its just because I no more have any of them. Do not get angry or pee in your pants or riot on streets.

PS (for john): Damn you noob, you ask too many things to register on your smart ass website. Really that captcha was too genius. Made me think who was that smartest person that wrote it, lol. BTW, good to see site still running and I almost missed "Website Repairs Ongoing" Which I presume, 2 minute work on website in a week lol. Should make it flashing in gif or in flash, so anyone can see about repairs. And make registration simple, like only max 3 fields. Dont be like schools and colleges. Why on earth you need my address there ? will you be sending me free candies and chocolates ? well even in that case, I still wouldn't give I know you will send me expired chocolates. I know you john, I know you. Now read all this in morgan freeman voice.
LoRdNiTi: omg XMEN you way too late bro...i already did a street roit and i was knocked out..no shit xD , this college makes you to do everything,sometimes i think to be an assassin for money,price of killin ? 10 dollars :)
so yea miss you noob ass writing whatever for a crazy stuff on the web...LOL the best part Morgan Freeman ..hahaha i laugh my ass off u crazy guy...
and i also tried in whatsapp so u didnt reply my first thinking was that someone kidnapped you because of your JAVA knowledge :P but then i realize that u are the guy that made dirty versions in your softwares LOL
however nice to see you back on web LOL u got my skype ...if not u got my email at least,
PS : (John) john u really are a lazy bitch...PS : (XMen) you guy are a ghost... never knows when online or offline ,just comes and attack u like a ninja,the only thing? u attack with knowledge..something that i dont fuckin get it haha..however guys CYA and have fun.and mine should be readen in a voice of Michael Jackson.
xmen: Lol Im always late son. Damn 10$, you must be richi-rich by now. LOL morgan freeman is amazing. Lmfao dirty versions, that angry mood was epic. I still lmfao when I read all those messages. Lol Im always on web, just not online but you are right Im ninja. I could be standing right behind you with a sharp sword and you never know. But by the time you realize my existence, it will be too late and your head will be on table. HAHAHA shhh...I will make sure, its painless and quick :P

Yes John is craziest laziest bitchiest bitch.

Further discussion here : «link»

This chat thing will be removed. Im sure lazy john doesn't keep backup. Hey wake up lazy ass, its already 5pm.
Johnpro: What are you bitches talking about
el barto: hola
el barto: hello
el barto: gays
el barto: -.-
el barto: :|
Guest_9250: Cap kaki tiga, setia, manfaat «link» | Kuliner Balikpapan «link» , Alfamart official partner merchandise FIFA piala dunia Brazil 2014 , «link» , Hotel murah di jakarta «link» , «link» dan «link» , «link» , «link» , «link»
Guest_5685: batik sarimbit «link»
Guest_5686: batik wanita «link»
Guest_6931: keren, «link»
Guest_4478: oood
Guest_4478: hola
LoRdNiTi: fuck that fucking football man :@ u fucked the chatbox by putting fucking links of god damn football..who ever is intrested then go google for it not gta halo pfff :@
Linda: hey noobs stop puting fucking footballs here, you should do better some modding....Pff !! Amateurs...


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

Grand Theft Auto Halo- A total conversion modification for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The mod will feature vehicles, maps, bipeds and weapons found in the Halo Series.

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